Our fundraising range.

Just a few words can make an amazing impact.  Our unique range of engraved pavers form the foundation building blocks of a successful fundraising initiative.

Whether built into a wall, path, border, or fence, engraved pavers are ideal for fundraising and provide a positive and long lasting record of support for your community.

Each paver is custom designed with a name, drawing or logo that can be laid for permanent display.

Our fundraising range consists of:

  • Single name pavers (up to 3 lines engraved on a 230x115mm coloured paver)
  • Family name pavers (up to 6 lines engraved on a 230x230xmm coloured paver)
  • Multi-paver panels (3 or more 230x115mm colour pavers to suit number of lines)
  • Logo pavers (a logo engraved on pavers available in a variety of sizes and colours)

Popular Fundraising Ideas

School children’s names | Sponsor’s names | ‘Class of 2015’ wall | Alumni path | Time capsule markers | Graduation plaque

View our fundraising gallery below to see samples of our products.  Interested in starting your fundraising initiative with Design a Brick?   Contact us for more information.