Our branding range.

A large multi-paver or tile panel spread across the entrance of your business, on the floor, or hanging prominently on a wall is a unique way to introduce your brand to new and existing customers – it captures the eye and brings your brand into focus.

Design a Brick can provide multi-paver or tile panels of any size.  Your brand is inscribed across your choice of a broad selection of substrates, from standard clay pavers to more exotic stone or sandstone materials.

Our branding range consists of: [please check that the below range is correct]

  • Logo pavers (a logo engraved on a coloured paver)
  • Large multi-paver panels (a logo spanning multiple pavers to suit any size)
  • Tile panel (using stone or other exotic materials)

Popular Branding Ideas

Sponsor logo | Your logo embedded in a path | Hanging on entrance wall | Centre piece in larger project | Landscaped into an atrium, lobby or garden

View our branding gallery below to see samples of our products.  Interested in developing a branding strategy with Design a Brick?   Contact us for more information.