The Design a Brick story.

We are new – and proud of it.

…and we’re branding ourselves as the brick engraving specialists – helping to support you and your community initiatives.

As a fledgling start up company, we have the unique opportunity to create a business based on what we believe in.  We were not purchased, we are not old and stale, nor do we carry the unwieldy baggage of a long history.

Being new does not mean being inexperienced.  Behind the scenes are Frank and Tony – professional family men with long, successful careers and experience in manufacturing, customer service and the building industry.  On time delivery and genuine quality service are well ingrained into the Design A Brick team and are the foundation principles that we operate our business by.

“We see each project as a partnership between Design a Brick and our client – big or small, and are willing to go the extra yard to ensure a good experience is had by all.  It’s who we are.”

We know what it means to be involved in school projects and fundraising, community projects and other sponsorship initiatives as we’ve gotten in there and given that a go too… and we’ve come up with some clever ways of raising more funds, creating more capital and building greater networks through our work.

“We identified a niche in the market. Being the parents of school aged children, we were constantly thinking of more ways to raise money for new school equipment and resources.”

We thought that instead of schools running the standard drives, raffles and other fundraisers, they could instead opt to create a sustainable and long lasting legacy that would not only beautify their school, but bring about a sense of ownership and community to it.

By creating a wall or laying a path of personalised bricks and pavers that were designed by children of the school, the school could then offer something that connects its students, their parents, and the community in a more permanent and meaningful way.

This personalisation has since extended out to commemorative projects as well as business branding involving community project sponsors.

Engraved pavers placed into a community landscape binds the community to the project in a powerful way.  It has a direct and everlasting meaning for all to witness, connecting the community to a common goal.

 “A common goal – that’s Design A Brick.”